San Juan County Park

As of 8/14/18 8:10 PM the following number of campsites are available each day over the next 77 days. Note that these numbers change with each reservation.

Any unreserved sites within 5 days of arrival are
NO LONGER RESERVABLE online or by phone.

Within 5 days of arrival unreserved sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis in-person at the park only.

San Juan County Park
Tonight Aug 14 3 Sites
Wednesday Aug 15 No Sites
Thursday Aug 16 No Sites
Friday Aug 17 No Sites
Saturday Aug 18 No Sites
Sunday Aug 19 1 Site
Monday Aug 20 No Sites
Tuesday Aug 21 No Sites
Wednesday Aug 22 No Sites
Thursday Aug 23 No Sites
Friday Aug 24 No Sites
Saturday Aug 25 No Sites
Sunday Aug 26 No Sites
Monday Aug 27 No Sites
Tuesday Aug 28 No Sites
Wednesday Aug 29 No Sites
Thursday Aug 30 2 Sites
Friday Aug 31 No Sites
Saturday Sep 1 No Sites
Sunday Sep 2 No Sites
Monday Sep 3 3 Sites
Tuesday Sep 4 1 Site
Wednesday Sep 5 5 Sites
Thursday Sep 6 7 Sites
Friday Sep 7 No Sites
Saturday Sep 8 No Sites
Sunday Sep 9 6 Sites
Monday Sep 10 2 Sites
Tuesday Sep 11 13 Sites
Wednesday Sep 12 3 Sites
Thursday Sep 13 7 Sites
Friday Sep 14 No Sites
Saturday Sep 15 No Sites
Sunday Sep 16 9 Sites
Monday Sep 17 11 Sites
Tuesday Sep 18 12 Sites
Wednesday Sep 19 16 Sites
Thursday Sep 20 16 Sites
Friday Sep 21 5 Sites
Saturday Sep 22 3 Sites
Sunday Sep 23 12 Sites
Monday Sep 24 14 Sites
Tuesday Sep 25 15 Sites
Wednesday Sep 26 16 Sites
Thursday Sep 27 16 Sites
Friday Sep 28 15 Sites
Saturday Sep 29 11 Sites
Sunday Sep 30 18 Sites
Monday Oct 1 19 Sites
Tuesday Oct 2 20 Sites
Wednesday Oct 3 20 Sites
Thursday Oct 4 18 Sites
Friday Oct 5 18 Sites
Saturday Oct 6 18 Sites
Sunday Oct 7 18 Sites
Monday Oct 8 19 Sites
Tuesday Oct 9 19 Sites
Wednesday Oct 10 20 Sites
Thursday Oct 11 20 Sites
Friday Oct 12 20 Sites
Saturday Oct 13 20 Sites
Sunday Oct 14 20 Sites
Monday Oct 15 20 Sites
Tuesday Oct 16 20 Sites
Wednesday Oct 17 20 Sites
Thursday Oct 18 20 Sites
Friday Oct 19 20 Sites
Saturday Oct 20 19 Sites
Sunday Oct 21 20 Sites
Monday Oct 22 20 Sites
Tuesday Oct 23 20 Sites
Wednesday Oct 24 20 Sites
Thursday Oct 25 20 Sites
Friday Oct 26 20 Sites
Saturday Oct 27 20 Sites
Sunday Oct 28 20 Sites
Monday Oct 29 20 Sites

Availability here only shows the quantity of open sites for each night. Note that multiple-night reservations on the same site may not be possible, particularly during periods of tight availabilty.

Accepting reservations for arrivals from Sunday, August 19, 2018 thru Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Camping reservations at San Juan County Park are limited to 14 nights with one site per reservation. Reservations cannot be made within 5 days of arrival or more than 90 days in advance.

Arriving late? Please review our no-show policy.  12 or more guests? Read this information first.

So that we can comfortably accommodate all of our guests, it is important to reserve only the nights you intend to use your campsite.

Unreserved sites are made available to the island's hikers, bikers and kayakers on a first-come, first served basis. Reserved sites that remain vacant can prevent these guests from enjoying a night at the park.

Delayed? If you cannot arrive on the first night of your reservation, please contact the park as early as possible on or before your arrival date to let them know your plans. Phone numbers are provided with your reservation confirmation.

Failure to occupy your reserved site by the second night, without prior notification, will result in the cancellation of your reservation to allow the site to be used by others.

If you're camping with a group of 12 or more, we recommend calling the office at (360) 378-8420 to discuss your needs.

We have group sites and camping options for larger parties that may not be available online. And we will be happy to assist you in coordinating your visit.

Check-In Date
Check-Out Date

Helpful links:  All Parks Reservations  |  Cancel an Existing Reservation  |  View Next 77 Days Availability

Visiting by Ferry? Vehicle reservations will save time and ensure your place on the Ferry as there are limited spaces available for drive up customers without reservations. If you don't have a reservation you may wait multiple sailings for a space during busy periods.

You may also elect to leave your vehicle at the Anacortes Ferry Terminal and cycle or walk onto the ferry. Taxi & transit companies are available for transportation to San Juan County Park.

Washington State Ferries: Call Center hours are 7:00 am until 6:45 pm daily. Statewide call 1-888-808-7977, and outside Washington call 206-464-6400.

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